5 good habits against hair loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is important to adopt the right styling techniques. When you have less or thinner hair, your hair is more sensitive. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do to reduce hair loss: 

  1. Let your hair dry as much as possible in the open air to not damage it with a hairdryer. Also, refrain from using a straightening iron. Dry your hair with a towel using gentle pressure. Avoid brushing your wet hair; it breaks more easily when wet. 
  2. Before styling, massage your scalp to help oxygenate it and promote growth. Make rotational movements as wide as possible without moving your fingers (do not rub).
  3. Use a soft brush and soft rubber bands like scrunchies Ozaelle. headbands are also a good option to cover up thinning hair.
  4. Don't tie up your hairstyles. Messy buns, loose braids and the messy-up style are pretty trendy, that's good!
  5. Protect your hair at night by tying it very loosely. You can use a simple overhead scrunchie to form what's called a palm tree or pineapple or part your hair in loose braids. These hairstyles protect the lengths and ends. This will avoid knots and the friction of your hair against the pillow which breaks it. In addition, it is strongly recommended to avoid sleeping with your hair wet as much as possible because the hair fiber is more fragile. When you sleep, your hair is more prone to friction and the combination of “wet hair + friction” does not promote the health of your hair.

Written by: Charlotte