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Article: 8 perfect hairstyles to hide oily hair

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8 perfect hairstyles to hide oily hair

Your hair tends to get greasy quickly and you didn't have time to wash it this morning? Ozaelle offers you 8 easy and quick hairstyle ideas to camouflage oily hair .

When they start to be fat, the habit is to take the dry shampoo. But, be careful not to use it too regularly, because it could suffocate the hair.

If oily hair is not always pretty and pleasant to see, it is possible to hide oily roots by opting for trendy and original hairstyles . Consider assuming your hair a little more greasy and bet on good accessories to be just as stylish!

1. The headband

hairstyle headband

If you're short on time and your hair is oily, the headband will be your perfect ally. You just need to place it like a headband over your oily roots . Then, you can leave your hair loose, or opt for a high bun or a ponytail to further camouflage your oily hair.

2. The low bun

low bun hairstyle

The low bun is a safe bet, it gathers the hair and emphasizes the carriage of the head. This is the unbeatable hairstyle when you have dirty hair. You can also decorate it with a scrunchie to add a touch of elegance!

3. Glued braids + ponytail

braid hairstyle

We recommend that you do flat, tight hairstyles to hide oily hair . If you're good with your hands, braids are the perfect solution. You can then pull your hair back into a ponytail.

4. The bun cuff

high bun hairstyle

The bun cuff is a new trend that will enhance your buns or your messy buns. To achieve this hairstyle , form a fuzzy bun on the top of the head and surround it with a bun cuff, a bun cuff.

5. The bohemian headband

hairstyle headband

To hide oily hair , nothing better than wrapping it in your headband . After placing your headband, wrap small sections of hair around it for a romantic hairstyle . Your roots and your lengths will be carefully camouflaged by this accessory!

6. Bubble braids

hairstyle headband

Bubble braids have become very popular and are a great alternative to draw attention away from oily roots . To achieve this hairstyle, it is enough to gather all the hair in a ponytail and to fix rubber bands at regular intervals. To add volume, gently pull the hair to form balls.

✨This hairstyle was made by @poppy_hairstyles !

7. Macaroons

updo hairstyle

Macaroons are among the most original hairstyle ideas for oily hair . Easy to do, this hairstyle flattens oily roots and adds volume to the hair, making it look fuller and more stylish.

✨This hairstyle was made by @poppy_hairstyles !

8. The hair clip

hairstyle hair clip

The hair clip offers many hairstyle possibilities for oily hair : banana bun, half-ponytail, twist... Easy to use and handle, it will dress up all your hairstyles and give style to your look!

Styling your hair remains the best solution to hide oily hair , so take advantage of it! The accessories offer a multitude of ideas for original and trendy hairstyles .

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