The best hairstyles for working out

We all hate being embarrassed by rebellious hair during our workout sessions, whether we have short or long hair. Adopting a practical hairstyle is as important as choosing the right sportswear. It will avoid hair in the eyes and sweat drops on the forehead.

We suggest you revisit some simple hairstyles to practice your favorite sport while combining comfort and style.

Hairstyle 1: Ponytail + headband

Bandeau noir Charlene Ozaelle

Ozaelle – Charlène black sports headband – 100% recycled yarn fabric -

Quick and easy to make!

Quick and easy to do!

If you have short or medium-length hair and can't tie it all up, your best allies will be the sports headbands. They'll keep your hair in place by holding back all the hair strands and avoiding being bothered by sweat.

Ozaelle sports headbands are a super innovative eco-friendly fabric with 100% recycled yarns. They bring perfect thermal comfort thanks to the regulation of the body's temperature by the evacuation of the heat and the humidity. Their fabric does not create any smell of perspiration and dries quickly.

Hairstyle 2: The African braid + ponytail mix

chouchou Baptiste marron chocolat Ozaelle

Ozaelle – chocolate brown Baptiste scrunchie

This hairstyle allows to hold the small hair well and brings many styles!

For the hair to hold and avoid having to re-do your hair several times, you need the right elastic. It can slip out of place if it's too stretched out or soft when you exercise.

Ozaelle's hair scrunchies are perfect for keeping your hair in place during exercise!

Hairstyle 3: The ballet dancer high bun

High bun

The high bun is ideal when you practice a sport on the ground like yoga. It will not interfere when you are lying down. You can decorate the bun with an Ozaelle scrunchie that will keep it in place and decorate it.

Hairstyle 4: The low braid

La tresse basse

You can opt for a low braid for soft practices such as Yoga or Pilates. It won't get in the way when lying on the mat. If small rebellious hair strands bother you at the face level, you can use bun pins.

Hairstyle 5: Macaroon buns

Les chignons macarons

These ultra-trendy macarons will have the advantage of adapting to shorter hair.

Hairstyle 6: Double African braid + ponytail mix

Chouchou en velours noir Aldo Ozaelle

Ozaelle - Aldo Black Velvet Scrunchie

This hairstyle permits holding the small hair well. Embellished with an Ozaelle scrunchie, it brings many styles to your outfit.

Written by: Laurie B.