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Article: Top 10 accounts to follow for dream hair on Instagram!

Soin des cheveux

Top 10 accounts to follow for dream hair on Instagram!

It's not always easy to maintain healthy hair all year round. Between pollution, heat and limestone, your hair needs to be pampered. It is therefore essential to adopt a good hair routine with products adapted to your needs.

Quickly discover the Instagram accounts of the best hairdressing influencers ! You will find good tips for taking care of your hair .

  • Gaby (@lapetitegaby)

curly hair influencer

Gaby's account is a valuable resource for taking care of your hair!

She generously shares her hair tips and tricks as well as hairstyle tutorials to enhance hair and boost self-confidence. It tests a variety of products through crash test to help you find the ones that best suit your needs. Thanks to its help, you will have healthy, radiant and strengthened hair.

Here is Gaby's Instagram!

  • Pauline (@auxportes_dunaturel)

hair influencer

With an experience of 8 years in the field of hairdressing, Pauline is a real expert! She brings to her community many tricks to maintain your hair while respecting the environment as well as natural hair care .

With a motivating attitude, Pauline is a source of inspiration for all those women who seek to love themselves naturally!

Here is Pauline's Instagram!

  • Meiilyssande (@meiilyssande)

hair and hairstyling influencer

Meiillysande will help you repair your damaged hair and make it shiny! She provides her community with lots of tips to strengthen hair fibers and hair routines which sublimate the hair. As an influencer, she does not hesitate to share even her worst experiences so that her followers avoid making the same mistakes.

Trust Meiilysande to get radiant hair!

Here is Meiilysande's Instagram!

  • Eva (@my_afro_hair)

afro hair influencer

If you have afro hair, this account is for you!

Passionate about hair, Eva offers advice on hair growth , recipes for natural masks , tutorials to perform specific hairstyles such as braids as well as challenges before/after with its subscribers to encourage them to achieve results. His Instagram account is full of little tips that can help you.

Here is Eva's Instagram!

  • Sabrina (@crinieredelion_)

curly hair influencer If you have curly hair and want to take care of your hair, this account is ideal!

Sabrina offers you a variety of exciting content such as complete guides for a hair care routine suitable for curly hair , tricks to protect and preserve your natural curls, advice to combat hair loss and essentials to have in your bathroom. With Sabrina, reveal your beauty potential!

Here is Sabrina's Instagram!

  • Nina (@ninatural)

hair influencer Nina is a lifestyle influencer with a very diverse content. By following her account, you will find lots of hair care tips , good gestures to adopt on a daily basis, natural care recipes to do yourself or even tutorials for maintaining your hairdressing accessories . But that's not all, Nina also shares gourmet cooking recipes, sports tips or good practices to reduce stress and boost self-confidence.

So many tips that will help you become the best version of yourself. You will love discovering this bubbly woman and following her adventures!

Here is Nina's Instagram!

  • Heloise (@helssyhair)

This is THE account to take care of your hair on a daily basis !

Followed by a large community, Héloïse shares her best tips for pampering her hair. Find on her Instagram page recipes for homemade care , posts on miracle ingredients for hair and her opinions on hair products . She also warns us about techniques and products that damage the hair . Thanks to Héloïse's advice, you will have shiny, supple and strong hair.

We appreciate the sweetness, the kindness and the benevolence that Héloïse releases on her account.

Here is Héloïse's Instagram!

  • Roman (@r omain.berg_)

Romain first exploded on TikTok. He became known through videos where he shares many tips to take care of his hair. Very active and dynamic, he quickly became the king of beautiful loops!

With it, say goodbye to frizz and curls without volume! He gives his subscribers his opinion on certain products and offers tutorials to successfully define his curls . You will also find care techniques applicable to all hair types.

Here is Romain's Instagram!

  • Suzie (@nutcracker)

Suzie is a naturopath. She likes to share with her subscribers her many tips, simple and effective, to keep her hair healthy . She helps women suffering from hair problems ( effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, etc.) by offering natural treatments and techniques. Suzie does not hesitate to explain each problem in detail (causes, diagnoses, solutions) so that you can have the answers to all your questions.

We appreciate her commitment and help to all these women.

Here is Suzie's Instagram!

  • Gwen (@moonybanana)

Gwen is passionate about beauty and travel. She also likes to share her hair advice and skincare routine with her community. Her tips work for all hair types. You will find on his account DIY and natural care recipes that will sublimate your hair.

Both creative and applied, Gwen offers us colorful content with worked and high quality photos.

You will certainly find the answers to your hair problems on her account!

Here is Gwen's Instagram!

Written by: Noemie P.

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