The steps to create an Ozaelle hair jewel

What particularly surprised me when I discovered the world of jewelry design was the number of different professions required to make it. 

Here are the key steps in the making of an Ozaelle hair jewel. Each one requires specific knowledge.

1. The design

Once I have imagined the jewel and, after sketched it on paper, a designer formalizes its design, either in 2D if the piece is to be made by cutting a brass plate or in 3D if the piece is to be made with a casting.  DESIGN 3D PEIGNE OREN

3D design of the Oren Comb

2. The design of the cutting tool or mold

The expertise here differs according to the process of realization: 

  • For jewelry made by plate cutting (such as barrettes): brass tooling is made from the 2D design. It will be used as a basis for realizing all future productions of the model.
  • For jewelry made with molding (like combs and hairpins):
    • 3D printing: a 3D printer first makes a resin model from the design.
    • Molding: a silicone mold is then created from the resin model.
Oren Comb Model
3. The production of the jewel
  • The smelter makes the jewelry from the tooling or mold, polishes it, and shapes it.
  • The welder fixes the clasps.
4. Gilding

A gilder carries out the surface treatment by electrolysis of the jewel. Depending on the model, the finish will be silvered or gilded with fine gold. 

At the gilder's, the Eliott snake hair picks are drying

When you buy an Ozaelle hair jewel, you contribute to the fact that all these craftworks and artisanal savoir-faire stay in France! 🐔

Written by: Charlotte