Name and logo story

I am often asked about the story behind the Ozaelle name and logo.

Not easy to find a brand name! You have to make sure another brand does not already take it and that the domain name is available. And obviously, 99% of the names you like are no longer free🤦♀️

Ozaelle is, first of all, Zaelle, my daughter's name, Elsa, backward. The brand name Zaelle was already taken, so I added an O in front of it.

The beginning of the name, Oz, means Dare! Dare! Dare to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship for me, or Dare to assert your personality through your style.

There is always a little bit of Elsa in the collections. She is the first fan of the brand. She inspires me, gives me her opinion, and doesn't miss trying the accessories.

About the logo, the idea of the arrow is to find your way and follow your dreams and desires. Life is rarely a straight line. A new professional start that explains the Z, for my part, right? 

I hope you like the name and the logo!💖


Elsa and me

Written by: Charlotte