Iska headband - Henna organic velvet


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We love the softness of velvet!

The Iska headband is perfect for girls who like to combine style and comfort! It will add a little punch to your most simple outfit. Made of organic cotton velvet, it is very comfortable to wear. If you are a little chilly, it will never leave you! And if you're not, wear it for a change instead of your beanie!

This headband looks great with your hair up in a bun or ponytail, but it also looks great on loose hair, long or short. It will enhance your pretty face. 

Charlotte designed our eco-responsible textile accessories in the Paris region and then made them in a family sewing workshop with over 40 years of experience in the north of France, Pas-de-Calais. The fabrics are carefully selected for a fashion more respectful of the planet.

How to position your headband? 

Position your headband on your head, leaving the beginning of the hairline visible. Place it over the ears but leave your lobes largely uncovered. For even more elegance, wear beautiful earrings! 


  • Made in France
  • One size
  • Pampille engraved and gilded with fine 24 carat gold
  • Velvet fabric - composition: 100% organic cotton

Also available in black and ecru.

By choosing this item, you are promoting traditional know-how and helping to ensure that it continues in France.

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Most of our textile accessories are made of cotton and can be machine washed with the rest of your laundry. It is recommended to wash your cotton linen at 40 degrees, a temperature that respects the fiber and cleans properly. You can use the quick cycle, it will be well suited for lightly soiled laundry, a more economical and better option for the environment. To avoid damaging your Ozaelle hair accessories, it is best to let them air dry.


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