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Article: Sigrid and Patience, founders of the solid shampoo brand Les Panacées

Sigrid et Patience, fondatrices de la marque de shampoings solides Les Panacées

Sigrid and Patience, founders of the solid shampoo brand Les Panacées

"We founded Les Panacées to offer a new way of taking care of yourself on a daily basis while respecting the environment and our health."

Tell us about your project...

We all dream of bright, silky, healthy hair, but how can we be sure that solid products will match the results of some conventional liquid products?

We have created the solid bath products brand Les Panacées to help you in this process. With Les Panacées: "The format changes, but not the experience."

How to start your hair transition?

First of all, you have to switch to solid shampoo, which still suffers too much from the image of a product that doesn't lather, makes hair sticky, doesn't smell good, and, quite frankly, doesn't make you want to use it. However, it is the opposite that Les Panacées offers with its solid shampoos enriched with delicate perfumes from Grasse and organic essential oils.

By lathering the shampoo bar between your hands for a few seconds, then applying it to your hair, a dense, creamy, and fragrant foam is formed and washes your hair perfectly, making it soft, light, shiny, and delicately scented.

But what is "hair detox"?

By using a solid shampoo, you are helping to "detoxify" your hair from the sulfates, silicones, and parabens that conventional liquid shampoos have left behind for years.

Finally, solid shampoos with mild surfactants will allow you to space out your shampoos because your scalp will grease less quickly as it is less damaged by aggressive products.

What hair care products do you recommend?

As far as the maintenance of the lengths is concerned in a zero plastic approach, the baths of vegetable oils are the key! The day before shampooing, apply hemp oil generously to the lengths. It nourishes the hair fiber, improves hair elasticity, and has a non-greasy feel ideal for a nightly oil bath. Moreover, it is often of French production and thus local.

Once washed with the solid shampoo, apply the 'solid conditioner to the lengths. Les Panacées conditioners remove the excess oil that makes hair heavy without removing the hydration obtained by the oil bath. Rich in natural sheathing agents, they allow to have a moisturized and light result and guarantee volume, all without silicone!

Sigrid and Patience's selection

We think that the Ozaelle bun-cuff is more than a hair accessory. It is like a jewel. It easily dresses up a simple hairstyle on a nice high bun to make it elegant and modern.

We love the Oren comb, which almost reminds us of Rose in Titanic! Like the Panaceas, we love retro accessories brought up to date! In addition, it does not damage the hair, unlike traditional hair ties.

The Eliott hair pick is beautiful and changes us from the pencils we all used when we didn't have anything else on hand to tie our hair. The little snake adds a wild and natural feel while still being a "femme fatale."

The Chouchoute-moi Ozaelle trio of scrunchies allows us to vary the pleasures just like our 3 ranges of perfumes for our solid products. We adapt according to our mood of the day and our outfit! In addition to being zero plastic, the colors are intense and blend perfectly with all looks.

The Ozaelle foulchie will be our accessory discovery since we always tried to tie our hair with a scarf... We love it because it allows holding the hair while having the scarf and natural side that we love. 

The retro-style Kalinda headband is gorgeous and goes great with beautiful gold earrings! The color is sublime!

Written by: Sigrid and Patience - The Panaceas -

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