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Article: Half braid with golden Esther hair clip

Tuto Ozaelle X Camille - Demi tresse

Half braid with golden Esther hair clip

Camille shows you a pretty braided hairstyle with the Esther Ozaelle gold barrette. An easy technique to reproduce! 
Find more tutorials from Camille on her Instagram account @camille_slbr.
Music: Call me - LiQWYD
Torsade et chignon flou avec notre scrunchie Dionysos
Idées coiffures avec un chouchou/foulchie

Twist and messy bun with our Dionysus scrunchie

With the Ozaelle Dionysos burgundy scrunchie, Camille shows you a simple hairstyle that changes from the ordinary: a little twist and a loose bun. The trick is done! 🌟 Our scrunchies are plastic-fr...

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Ozaelle Pic à cheveux Eliott
Idées coiffures avec un pic/peigne à cheveux

Hair pick tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial to succeed in putting on your hair stick. Once you have the technique, the hair stick is quickly put on and allows you to style your hair elegantly very easily.

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