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Article: 10 trendy wedding hairstyles to get inspired

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10 trendy wedding hairstyles to get inspired

The big day is approaching and you still haven't found your ideal hairstyle?

Do not panic we present to you some of the most elegant wedding hairstyles to make a splash on D-Day.

Whether you are the bride or simply a guest, you will certainly find your dream hairstyle! Among the essential elements that will contribute to your look, the hairstyle occupies a prominent place. Whether you opt for a classic, romantic, bohemian or modern style, choose a hairstyle that will highlight your natural beauty while matching your dress.

The unstructured low bun

For a modern and elegant look, the unstructured low bun is a bold choice that is both chic and casual. Small loose locks and twists will give a romantic and bohemian effect to your look. You can add accessories such as brooches or spikes to personalize this hairstyle and make it unique.

barrette estelle hair accessory

Estelle golden hair clip

ozaelle hair accessory estelle barrette

Golden hair clip

hair accessory ozaelle pic cybelle

cybele hair stick

The classic bun

The classic bun is a timeless choice. This sophisticated and elegant style frees up the face and highlights the carriage of the head. Whether you opt for a low bun, a high bun, or a braided bun, this hairstyle brings a touch of refinement to your look. Decorate it with some delicate accessories, such as a hairpin, for an extra touch of glamour.

hair accessory ozaelle pic meliae

meliae hair stick

ozaelle hair accessory nymph hair stick

Nymphs hair stick

ozaelle hair accessories oréades hair stick

Oreads hair spike

The bohemian braid

The bohemian braid is a perfect choice for those who love romantic looks. Whether you choose a simple side braid, a cornrow, or a crown braid, this style adds boho flair to your outfit. You can adorn your braid with fresh flowers or accessories such as clips or hair clips.

ozaelle hair accessory persephone barrette

Persephone Hair Clip

romantic waves

For a romantic and feminine look, there's nothing like beautiful waves. Whether you have short or long hair, waves bring a touch of softness and glamor to your wedding look. You can opt for loose natural curls or more defined waves depending on your preference. Add hair clips or barrettes to complete this look.

wedding hairstyle wavy hair

hair accessories ozaelle barrette hermione

Hermione Hair Clip

hair accessories ozaelle barrette orphée

Hair clip orpheus

hair accessories ozaelle hair clip calliope

Calliope hair clip

Twisted hair

This hairstyle with the top tied and the bottom of the hair let loose is versatile and suitable for different types of weddings, whether it is for an outdoor ceremony, a seaside wedding or even a more formal celebration. It will allow you to feel both elegant and comfortable throughout this special day.

hair accessory ozaelle small pic indra

Lesser Indra Woodpecker

hair accessories ozaelle small pic indra

Lesser Indra Woodpecker

Small twists

This quirky hairstyle features braided twists across the top of the head, creating a subtle and sophisticated crown. The remaining hair can be left loose with waves for example. This hairstyle highlights the face while giving a feminine and refined look for the big day.

hair accessories ozaelle petit pic nelie

Small woodpecker Nelie

hair accessory ozaelle small peak nelie

Small woodpecker Nelie

Whether you opt for a classic bun, romantic waves, a bohemian braid or an unstructured low bun, the key is to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable for the big day.

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