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Article: How to find your ideal gym outfit?

Comment trouver sa tenue de sport idéale?

How to find your ideal gym outfit?

Advice from Flore and Shanti, founders of the feminine and eco-responsible brand Les Actives.


We are two cousins, Flore and Shanti, who had the idea to launch Les Actives in January 2019.  Flore creates and designs, Shanti analyzes and thinks about the strategy; by forming this great team, we decided to jump into this exciting entrepreneurial adventure! We realized that we could not find comfortable and feminine sportswear as sports lovers. So we created Les Actives, the ideal solution to find empowering, ultra-comfortable, and eco-responsible sportswear.

What are the first criteria to find the ideal sportswear ?

First of all, always choose a comfortable and practical outfit. You must feel good in your clothes to do your workout in the best conditions. Neither too tight nor too loose, your sportswear must allow you to perform all the movements you want while maintaining you correctly.

Next, choose a soft fabric that lets your skin breathe. For sportswear to be pleasant to wear, the material must be soft to the touch and must allow you to remain dry even while practicing an intense sports activity.

Finally, choose a color that you like, that motivates you and reflects your personality. The color of your sportswear can influence your mood and boost you to practice your activity in a good mindset.

Eco-friendly sportswear?

The fashion industry is extremely polluting, so it is important to consider and choose eco-responsible clothing. At Les Actives, we only produce small series in a short circuit, with little stock, to limit any waste. Our French fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means that our textiles do not contain chemicals that are harmful to health.

We wanted to create technical sportswear, adapted to the sports practices of each one, and eco-responsible both by their composition and production. Today, most of our clothes are made in Portugal, then transported to France by truck, limiting the environmental impact as much as possible. Eventually, we want our outfits to be 100% made in France, and we have already started this process for some of our new products.

We are aware of the fashion industry's environmental impact, and we are convinced that this can change. Choosing ethical and eco-responsible fashion means fighting against this ecological impact.

What advice do you have for adapting your outfit to your sport?

If you practice a high-intensity sport like running, choose sportswear that will support you perfectly because it will allow you to perform all your movements without discomfort. I also prefer a technical fabric because it will allow your skin to breathe without feeling wet.

For low-intensity sports like Hatha yoga, focus on comfort. It is important that you feel good in your outfit, neither too tight nor too loose.

The Ozaelle selection of Flore and Shanti

We love the Jerry Buff for outdoor sports when it's cool. No need to load yourself with a big scarf. The neck warmer is the ideal accessory for your sports session without being disturbed. Very feminine and delicate, we love its color, which goes with many outfits.

The Fiji foulchie embellishes and brightens up any outfit. With its vanilla yellow color, it is the perfect spring accessory! It is very practical, and it combines the useful with the pleasant: it allows you to make a very stylish hairstyle without thinking too much.

We highly recommend the Charlène sports headband to avoid being embarrassed by your hair during a sports session. In addition to being practical, the sports headband is very pretty and perfectly complements your sports outfit.

We love the concept of hair jewelery and the Evora bun cuff is the perfect accessory to dress your hair and bring femininity and delicacy to your outfit. It ties easily around the bun with no fuss and instantly brightens up your hair.

Written by: Flore, Shanti and Julie - Les Actives Paris

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