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Article: How to tame your thick hair?

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How to tame your thick hair?

Having thick hair is a real asset, but it can sometimes make the choice of hair accessories more complex.

Here are our tips and ideas to help you accessorize them in style.

Find out how to show off your hair and create stylish looks with the right accessories.

1. Choose suitable accessories

To select your hair clips

It is important to choose clamps:

- robust and resistant

- with spaced teeth

- wide enough to accommodate a large mass of hair

Discover the Ozaelle hair clips suitable for thick hair.

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 Emie forceps    
Arielle pliers

To choose your barrettes

In order to find the ones that suit you, choose those that are:

- wide and/or long

- with a quality clasp, firm and comfortable

Discover the Ozaelle hair clips suitable for thick hair.

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Maya Hair Clip - Gold

Mayan Hair Clip

Selena Hair Clip - Gold

Selena Hair Clip

Bet on scrunchies and headbands!

For the darlings, check that the elastic is strong enough so that it does not come loose and that your ponytail stays in place.

At Ozaelle, we use natural rubber (latex) elastics which, in addition to being eco-responsible, will stay in place all day long.

Find the different models of scrunchies and headbands on Ozaelle .

Chouchou Nina

Chouchou Nina

Suzy headband

Suzy headband

2. Make suitable hairstyles

Opt for braids

Braids are a great option for thick hair because they help structure the hair while adding a touch of elegance.

Experiment with different styles of braids (ear of wheat, African braids or bohemian braids).

Hairstyle by Poppy_hairstyles

Hairstyle by Poppy_hairstyles


Adopt the twists

To brighten up your ponytails, flip them over on themselves to form pretty twists.

Little Indra Woodpecker

Little Peak Indra

Scrunchie Lou - Hazelnut

Chouchou Lou

3. Get inspired by tutorials with our selection of influencers with thick hair

You can find two videos below with several hairstyle tutorials , allowing you to see how to achieve elegant hairstyles with thick hair.

PAULINE ( ​​@poppy_hairstyles )

MANUELA ( @ManueMakeup )

Having thick hair doesn't mean you have to give up hair accessories. On the contrary, it is an opportunity to highlight your beautiful hair!

With good accessories , you can create elegant, structured and original hairstyles . Experiment, be creative and have fun adding accessories that reflect your personal style!

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