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Article: 5 accounts to follow for hairstyle ideas

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5 accounts to follow for hairstyle ideas

Are you tired of always not knowing how to style your hair in the morning? Ozaelle suggests 5 Instagram accounts to follow so you'll never run out of ideas.

These are French influencers passionate about hair and love to share their tips and tricks with their followers.

Present on Instagram and sometimes on Youtube; you will love discovering them!

To find inspiration, learn how to achieve hairstyles by following their tutorials, or keep up with the new hairstyle trends, you can now subscribe to these hair queens!

Pauline (@poppy_hairstyles)

You'll find hundreds of high quality hairstyling tutorials on this account. Pauline shares a variety of content with you. There is inspiration for every style, every level, and every occasion. You're sure to find a tutorial that suits you. With almost 1 million subscribers, Pauline has built a great community. So please don't wait any longer to be part of it!

You can also find Pauline on Youtube and Tik Tok for more hair ideas.

Here is Pauline's Instagram!

Lucie (@lhcoiffure_e)

Lucie shares on her account tutorials and inspiring hairstyle photos. She loves to decorate her hairstyles with pretty accessories (scrunchies, clips, foulchies) and doesn't hesitate to give you hairstyle ideas to wear them properly. She is very active on her Instagram account and offers quality content to her followers.

Here is Lucie's Instagram!

Charlotte (@hairbycha_)

Charlotte is a hairdresser who specializes in ceremony hairstyles. You will find many ideas for weddings, birthday parties, shoots, and other events. Her hairstyles are well done and elegant. Some of them come with a tutorial so you can reproduce them at home.

Here is Charlotte's Instagram!

Camille (@camille_slbr)

This account is full of great ideas! Camille offers easy to achieve hairstyles for every day. With her "Hairstyle of the week" videos, discover one hairstyle idea per day. She also provides many tutorials, tips, and tricks to take care of your hair.

Here is Camille's instagram!

Delphine (@delfhair)

You will find on Delphine's account a considerable number of trendy hairstyles. Passionate about hair, makeup, and beauty, this Alsatian influence shares many useful tips and tricks. Find elegant hairstyles for events, parties, festivals, or simply quick and easy hairstyles every day.

Here is Delphine's Instagram!

Written by: Noémie P.

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