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Article: 5 tips to adopt to sublimate your hair

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5 tips to adopt to sublimate your hair

Bad hair days are painful! According to a Redbook poll, 74% of women say a bad hair day makes them lose confidence.
The problem is that our hair is constantly subject to aggressions (pollution, sulphates, heat...) which make our hair dull, sparse, dry and brittle. With all this daily aggression, it's no wonder that having healthy hair takes effort to keep it healthy.
We have prepared a list of tips and habits to adopt to regain the hair of a goddess.

Tip n°1: Brush your hair from the ends

It is true that it is unusual to see someone brushing their hair from the ends to the skull. However, this technique is crucial if you want to limit hair breakage . Indeed, by brushing from the skull to the tips when the brush encounters a knot, it will not untangle it but will break the hair. So start with the tips and go up in small sections to reach the roots so you don't tear your hair out!

Tip n°2: Change shampoo regularly

Did you know that your scalp and hair get used to your shampoo when used for a long time? This limits the benefits of shampoos and can sometimes cause premature re-greasing of the scalp. It is advisable to alternate between several products . For example, if you wash your hair twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday, use one shampoo on Wednesday and another on Sunday!

Tip n°3: Brush your hair before each shampoo

To have beautiful hair , we advise you to comb your hair before each shampoo and especially not to brush it once wet . Indeed, when your hair is wet, it is the moment when it is the most elastic. This means that they are extremely fragile and breakable. We therefore advise you to untangle your hair before showering , then to untangle it only once dry. If you use a hair dryer or any other type of heat device, we advise you to use a heat protectant before each use.

Tip n°4: Protect your hair from the sun!

Our hair is the big forgotten of the summer when it comes to protecting yourself from the sun. However, they suffer just as much as the skin during strong exposure. If you have to expose yourself, use a protective spray! Discover here all our other tips to protect your hair in summer :)

Tip n°5: Trim your tips regularly

We all dream of long hair , and we all think cutting it off won't help achieve that goal. But remember girls, a split end is a split end! Regularly cutting the ends allows you to have reinvigorated and healthy hair. If you don't want to lose a lot of length, ask your hairdresser for a "dusting", which means that only the ends are cut, which gets rid of damaged ends, but retains the length.
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