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Article: Ugo, founder of the personalized vegetable coloring box, OrganicBOX

Ugo, fondateur de la box de coloration végétale personnalisée, OrganicBOX

Ugo, founder of the personalized vegetable coloring box, OrganicBOX

No more itching, allergies, dry and damaged hair... With OrganicBOX vegetable coloring, you not only respect your hair, but also the planet!

Hello Ugo, can you tell us about this project and how it was born?

Hello Charlotte,

OrganicBOX is above all organic plants and nothing else!

I have been a hairdresser for more than ten years, my organic salon is on Reunion Island where we develop our colors. OrganicBOX was born from the observation that there is a lack of knowledge of vegetable coloring due to manufacturers and major cosmetic brands who often mislead consumers by promising them “natural” without this really being the case. In fact, chemical products and extended formulas make up most of the vegetable colorings found on the market.

OrganicBox aims to go back to basics to do good for your hair in a natural and responsible beauty approach.

Plant coloring, how does it work?

The vegetable coloring coats the hair with a pigment. Depending on the desired result and your starting color, one or two successive color applications may be necessary. It is the superposition of the layers of colors that will give the desired result.

Why turn to personalized plant coloring?

Because you are unique, the result of your coloring should be too!

For this, we offer you a unique 100% vegetable coloring mixture, adapted to your hair type and your needs . In addition, the use of conventional colorings generates releases of toxic products into nature. The cultivation of the plants that make up the OrganicBOX vegetable colorings is organic and eco-responsible. Wastewater discharges are therefore not harmful to the environment.

We choose to communicate in complete transparency on the composition of the products, reduced to the essentials: organic plants and nothing else to prevent it from causing allergies, irritations or even itching.

Among our clients, we have different profiles, people sensitive to ecological causes, people who have had allergies following conventional coloring or women who wish to turn to more natural products, after having undergone chemotherapy for example.

Do we have to come to the salon or can we do the coloring ourselves?

OrganicBOX offers do-it-yourself coloring kits . In addition to a personalized color, you benefit at any time from the advice of our experts who accompany you over the long term in the evolution of your color over the months. The particularity of vegetable coloring is that it requires follow-up and professional support, online or in the salon, for optimal results.

Find out how to prepare and apply your OrganicBox hair color here

Why make a personalized diagnosis before plant coloring?

The colors found on the market do not adapt to your profile or your specific needs. However, the result of your herbal coloring depends on your hair type, condition, your coloring history and your current hair color . Thanks to this information, our vegetable coloring specialists prepare the best recipe for you to obtain the color result you desire. Thus, with the help of a personalized diagnosis carried out by hairdressing experts, the Organicbox coloring adapts perfectly to your hair type and your desires.

Switching to personalized vegetable coloring means choosing to live your coloring differently, by committing to a 100% natural and responsible process. With OrganicBOX colorings, we find all the naturalness of her hair, without making any concessions on its color and style.

To carry out your hair diagnosis, it's here

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Written by: Ugo (OrganicBOX) & Charlotte (Ozaelle)

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