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Article: 5 foods for beautiful hair

5 aliments pour de beaux cheveux

5 foods for beautiful hair

What if the secret to having a dreamy mane was on your plate? Brittle hair , without volume, dull, when you have the whole panoply of hair care products in your bathroom. It is as important to nourish your hair from the inside as from the outside. Adopting a suitable diet is essential for their health.

To be strong and shiny, your hair needs Omega 3, proteins, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins of group B and C. So, what foods champions of texture and shine should you put on your plate?

1. Eggs: protein to make your hair stronger

Proteins reinforce the production of keratin, a substance secreted by our body and the main constituent of the hair fiber. Eggs, especially the white, are rich in protein. The egg yolk, on the other hand, contains sulfur which, together with zinc, cements together the proteins that make up keratin. By eating omelettes and boiled eggs you can say goodbye to brittle hair.

2. Almonds: rich in sebum-regulating selenium

Almonds contain selenium, a trace element, protector and sebo-regulator of the scalp. They will help you overcome dandruff and oily hair. Almonds also contain a good content of zinc, protein and vitamin E, which will strengthen your hair.

3. Fish: Omega 3 to regain radiance and shine

Salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel and trout are fish that are particularly rich in Omega 3. Omega 3 contributes to good hydration of the scalp and hair. They slow down the natural aging of cells and strengthen the elasticity of hair. With them, end dull hair! Your hair will regain shine and softness.

4. Strawberries: full of vitamin C to promote growth

The vitamin C in strawberries will promote hair growth, health and shine. Strawberries also contain folic acid (vitamin B9), iron and magnesium which will make your hair stronger and prevent breakage. To vary the pleasures, know that red fruits in general (blueberries, blackcurrants, currants...) are rich in vitamin C and are your allies for the good growth of your hair.

5. Lentils: iron to prevent hair loss

Iron increases the hemoglobin level which allows good oxygenation of the scalp. Its role is essential in the process of hair growth and to prevent hair loss. Lentils and other legumes such as white beans, red beans, broad beans or split peas, which are particularly rich in iron, will be your friends for obtaining dense hair.

foods for beautiful hair

Written by: Charlotte

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