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Article: All about dandruff

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All about dandruff

Today, we're talking about dandruff with hair specialist Serge d'Estel.

Serge d'Estel is a famous Parisian hairdresser who founded the Serge d'Estel Paris brand.

The experience acquired during his years in this profession has enabled him to identify the problems most frequently encountered by his customers and thus to create a range of products specifically adapted to their needs and 100% vegan . All treatments are formulated and manufactured in their Parisian laboratory .

The question of dandruff is frequently asked: How to effectively and naturally treat dandruff?

Serge d'Estel offers a solution with active ingredients nourishing, moisturizing, mineralizing and purifying. 

Its objective: to take care of the scalp to start again on a healthy basis. Indeed, a healthy scalp gives birth to healthy hair!

Why do we have dandruff?

Dandruff conditions are mainly related to hormonal changes or to excess sebum. These manifestations occur in adolescence , early pregnancy, during periods of stress or fatigue . Dandruff is neither dangerous nor contagious. Adopting the right treatments will allow you to eliminate dandruff . You should know that dandruff can reappear between seasons (spring / autumn). The best thing is to act quickly, so as not to let the problem settle.

The different problems that are similar to a dandruff condition

Several hair problems look like dandruff but are not, here are some explanations so as not to confuse them.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis

They are caused by a fungus that feeds on the fat in sebum. They produce plaques, which cause itching. Unlike dry dandruff, they remain stuck to the scalp. Acting on the sebum often solves the problem.

Eczema , or atopic dermatitis ,

It is a skin disease that can be linked to a period of stress, an allergy to aggressive products or due to a hereditary factor. Diagnosis and treatment should be entrusted to a dermatologist.


It is a chronic inflammatory disease that results in the appearance of plaques. The causes are often hereditary, or psychosomatic. Diagnosis and treatment should also be entrusted to a dermatologist.

Nits and lice

They can also be confused with dandruff, before the lice start walking. It is a contagious condition but harmless to health. It must be treated quickly, trying to use mild solutions.

How to respond to the problems of dry dandruff?

The dry dandruff is small and white . They look like powdered sugar in their powdery appearance They are due to too much and too rapid renewal of the cells of the scalp which creates dry skin pityriasis . They are generally linked to desquamation caused by a dry scalp . Unlike oily dandruff, the scalp must be nourished and moisturized. It must also be purified, this is the common action to be taken in both cases (oily and dry dandruff).

What treatments should be used to remedy this?

  • Anti-hair loss serum , for dry dandruff, the day before the shampoo: This anti-hair loss serum is made up of vegetable oils of nigella, castor and organic flax. Its active ingredients with cleansing , nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties calm and soothe irritated and/or dry scalps.
  • Nourishing and repairing washing care : Formulated with white clay, castor oil and rose geranium essential oil, this care gently cleanses the scalp. Ideal for nourishing sensitive and dry scalps .

How to respond to the problems of oily dandruff?

Compared to dry dandruff, oily dandruff is thicker , plate-like , with a color ranging from pale to yellowish . One of the main causes can be linked to a fungus that colonizes the scalp and feeds on excess sebum . This type of dandruff can be itchy and lead to hair loss if left untreated.

What treatment should I use to remedy this?

  • Detoxifying and volumizing cleansing treatment to purify. This treatment contains green clay, stinging nettle leaves and peppermint essential oil. It clarifies, purifies and regulates excess sebum. It cleans by removing impurities and toxins that clog pores. Acting gently, to eliminate excess sebum, gives quick and convincing results.

And to treat both types of dandruff at the same time?

Serge d'Estel offers a 2-step routine to treat both oily dandruff and dry dandruff .

First step: Rebalancing

anti-dandruff shampoo : The anti-dandruff shampoo gently removes scales and soothes the scalp. The composition of our shampoo is ideal for restoring a healthy scalp : extracts of Brazilian jujube bark ( anti-dandruff and anti-itching ), essential oils of Tea tree ( anti-bacterial ), Atlas cedar ( cleansing and toning ) and Orange ( stimulating and firming ). This treatment is suitable for sensitive scalps. We advise you to use it by gently massaging your scalp .

Second step: Prevent the appearance of dandruff

Anti-dandruff lotion : After your shampoo, spray the lotion at the level of the roots. Thanks to its active ingredient (Brazilian jujube bark extract) and its synergy of essential oils (tea tree, Atlas cedar and orange), it will allow it to act throughout the day to guarantee you a leather healthy hair and optimize the action of the shampoo ! The lotion soothes and calms the scalp by inhibiting the release of histamine, responsible for feelings of irritation and itching.

Use the routine twice a week for the first month, then once a week the following month.

Detox and nourishing cleansing treatments, depending on your choice, are to be used once a week, throughout the year.

These 2 treatments are sulphate-free , vegan , based on natural ingredients (99.5% ingredients of natural origin) and certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS NATURAL standard.

Do not hesitate to discover all our tips and advice on our online magazine and in our white papers .

Written by: Serge d'Estel

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